How to Use

Depending upon the status of user (i.e. ad hoc user or decision maker), the first step to do is to take a particular location (box) from the flowchart framework and then lead it through to the respective User’s Guidance Notes. Each location box in the flowchart framework contains information to be paid particular attention, which is provided in the User’s Guidance Notes. The Notes are therefore formatted for immediate use and have been set out, as possible, as a self-contained unit, as well as being adopted in a user-friendly approach manner.

The recommendations referred to in the Notes are so devised and listed to reflect a normal thinking sequence. They have, in this respect, been necessarily written succinct, since many of relevant issues could be the subject of entire books rather than a humble paragraph, while some are affected by esoteric cases and often-variable practice by different countries or areas. References, such as, bibliography, glossaries and useful websites, are also included in, where and when known.

The authors of the User’s Guidance Notes again hereby does claim that the information contained within it is not fully comprehensive, but rather it is a focus on those issues that the authors have found to be commonplace or of serious consequences, once some of the issues have been overlooked or ignored.

We make use of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Multi-Attribute Utility Technique (MAUT) to help decision maker to identify the most appropriate DR method. For demonstration of the model, please click here. To use the model, please click here.

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