The Underlying Rationale

The Programme is presented in the form of a flowchart supported by various User Guidance Notes for DR mechanisms. The flowchart framework represents the sequence of logical steps to be taken for selecting the most appropriate DR mechanism for international construction projects. This arrangement is aimed at offering a useful device to assist construction professionals in going through a comprehensive and fair-minded consideration process for selecting a suitable DR mechanism to resolve international construction disputes in various regions. Furthermore, it is designed to provide industry practitioners with useful information and instructions on the various parts of the DR selection process, with which every decision-maker faced with such choices will be confronted.

Although the Notes are primarily intended for international construction practitioners and they assume that users are familiar with the basic concepts of the operational procedures of DR mechanisms, the materials contained within it can be adopted as a basic reference source, especially for those who have no prior experience of the same. Other target audiences, such as construction clients, design professionals, professional consultants and contracting organizations, are also welcome to use it, since they all are involved in different stages of the project life cycle and need to think and consider in a more strategic way.

In no way does the flowchart framework, with its supporting User Guidance Notes, intend to duplicate the many excellent descriptions of the textbooks on the use of various DR mechanisms, but rather it is going to attempt to draw the user's attention to the very important nature of the various resolution processes and their underlying rationale.

The materials in the Notes are for general information only. Readers are kindly reminded to consult with appropriate legal professional(s), before taking any action or making an interpretation based on any part of the content, since that falls within the realms of a licensed professional practice. Under no circumstances can the information be taken as legal advice, unless and until further professional opinion is sought.


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