Aim and Objectives

The Optimisation Programme (hereinafter referred to as "the Programme") is designed to highlight the disputes which arise in international construction projects in Hong Kong, Mainland China and elsewhere in the world, in particular those projects involving large contract sums and multi-national parties from different backgrounds. The main aim of the Programme is, in this sense, to establish a means by which construction project management personnel from the international domain can be directed through a well-guided, rational and objective decision-making protocol, to choose the most appropriate DR mechanism for the particular types of dispute occurring in their specific projects.

With a view to achieving the aim, the ultimate objectives of the Programme are summarized as follows:

  1. To advance understanding of the theoretical framework for the escalation of disputes, by characterizing DR mechanisms and deploying the mechanisms to resolve disputes in international construction projects
  2. To provide, in setting up an established framework, a better understanding of the theory and practice of DR mechanisms for international construction projects
  3. To generate updated DR theories and techniques that can be fed back to the industry, so as to improve the knowledge of potential disputants and to harmonize their perceptions in dispute resolution
  4. To contribute to the industry during this time and at a cost which will enable savings to be made, whilst maintaining the morale of project participants to allow due completion of the projects
  5. To contribute to the body of knowledge in the subject area, both in the academic and professional arenas

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