Optimization Program for the Selection of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms to Resolve International Construction Disputes (The DRM Model)

University research results publicised by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)


Access the DRM Model website: http://drm.hkiac.org/

This is an interactive on-line optimization program for the selection of dispute resolution mechanisms (DRM Model) by which construction project management personnel from the international domain can be directed through a well-guided, rational and objective decision-making protocol, to choose the most appropriate DR mechanism for the particular types of dispute occurring in their specific projects. You can either use the website to learn the related dispute resolution mechanisms or enter your specific project requirements on-line to generate, based on Model's database from expert interviews, the most appropriate DR methods for your dispute cases.

The DRM Model (on-line optimization program) is one of the deliverables/products resulted from a government funded (CERG) research project on dispute resolution management for international construction projects undertaken by Professor Edwin H.W Chan of the Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPolyU). The research and the product (The DRM Model) are for academic purposes and they are now developed into a stage that the DRM Model can be shared with industry on complimentary basis for a period to look for future improvement and research potential.


This project is supported by a grant from the University Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (CERG Project No. PolyU-5103/03E). The research team is grateful to those international experts who share their time and dispute resolution experience during the interviews for this research project. Their contributions provide the core data required to build the expert decision-support system of the DRM Model. Some of the names recorded include:

        Anton BAIER                 Melvyn FORD 
        Charles FARRANCE            Michael PRYLES
        Christopher TO              Michael RANDALL
        Daniel LAM                  Nigel LI    
        Donald MARSTON              P.C. WU     
        F.S. LEE                    Peter CLADWELL
        Frank WONG                  Peter CLAYTON
        Thierry GARBY-LARCOUTS      Peter HO    
        Gary SOO                    Peter NG    
        Gilbert KWOK                Philip NUNN 
        Jim SHERRY                  Robert James LATTER
        Jimmy NG                    Robin PEARD 
        John ELSDEN                 Rodney GOMEZ
        John LUK                    SIN Chung Kai
        John UFF, QC                SIU See Kong
        K. F. CHAN                  Sunny YEUNG 
        K. HATAKEYAMA               Teresa Y W CHENG, SC
        Karen MILLS                 Thomas TSANG
        KWOK Chi Wo                 Tommy LEUNG 
        Lawrence FUNG               Vincent NG  
        M.T. YEUNG                  Walter WONG 
        Martyn HILLS                Y.Y. HO     


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Should you have any query about he DRM Model website, you are welcome to contact The Hong Kong Polytechnic University research team direct (Attn. Professor Edwin H W Chan) at 2766 5800 or bsedchan@inet.polyu.edu.hk. Copyrights of the website and the DRM model are retained by Edwin H W Chan.


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